Travel Insurance

An unexpected health emergency in another country or province can result in hospital charges equaling thousands of dollars a day. Expenses might only be partially covered by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living.

Travel health insurance protects you and your family from unexpected medical emergencies by purchasing travel coverage before you leave, even if you plan to be away for just a day. Way-Mor Agencies offers Manitoba Blue Cross Travel Insurance to give you peace of mind on your next trip.

Our Travel Coverage Plans

  • Deluxe Travel Health
    Emergency travel health coverage for your trip
  • Annual Travel Plan
    Year round emergency travel health coverage for the frequent traveller
  • Tour Package
    All-inclusive coverage (including emergency travel health, unexpected cancellation, baggage protection, and more) for your pre-paid tour package
  • Airfare Cancellation
    Coverage for pre-paid airfare expenses in the event of an unexpected cancellation
  • Holiday Cancellation
    Coverage for pre-paid transportation and land expenses in the event of an unexpected cancellation